January 1st, 2005


Happy New Years. :)

Thank god.

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With that out of the way, I again don't know what all to talk about. This last year didn't work out at all how I was planned. I was a good enough boy, but not good enough to keep the lady I loved more than life itself. Last year around Christmas I gave her a ring that was meant to be a promise ring. A year, to see. Didn't even quite make it. It made Christmas incredibly hard for me, and awkward. Especially as I spent it with her and her family. It was nice, actually. I love her family. I got a castle Lego that I traded back to Toys'r'us for a gift card, that, with a promised 100 some dollars will go towards an AT-AT Lego and a PS2. I also got this nice polo sweater. It's white and fuzzy and soft. Yarm.

Sidenote: My mother is going to take me out shopping for some clothes for her gift, her cats got me a handheld poker playing thing (too bad it's so cheap) and a copy of the Swiss army knife I already have. I'm keeping the one I have for sentimental value (Hans gave it to me. I miss him. Mental note, get email address of his), but it's nice to know I have this one around at home. My g'rents got me 30 dollars worth of TGIF gift cards. My aunt got me a 'please convert to Christianity' book and a big TGIF Hurricane mixer thing. What, get me drunk and then convert? The stuff I gave to my family they all seemed to dig, except my mom who was nice and polite about it, but wasn't enthused. :) Bri's wearing her new necklace tonight, in fact. Is pretty.

Here are just a couple pics for you to look at. Sorry there aren't more. Dialup is a bitch and I gave up trying to mail myself the pictures. Why I didn't just burn myself a cd of them, I don't know. Cause I'm stupid. Hrm, what else. Well. While I was down in Atlanta, I managed to horrify Bri's mom with the very notion that I might not be around next year. I just didn't have the heart to tell them after they'd finally accepted me into their family as part of it. They even let I and Bri sleep together finally. ;) Bri's mother had this crazy cool Christmas tree that I didn't get a picture of, again, because I'm silly. Got to meet Bri's friend George, his family, and an ex of Bri's, Chad. George was really cool, I liked him. Not sure what he thought of me, but I liked him. Kinda felt left out when they (he, the ex, another friend, and Bri) were just catching up on people, but I didn't mind. But it is why I kept trying to let Bri and them hang out alone. I was just draggin' 'em down. But when we went to Dave and Buster's it was a slice of pure heaven. I wish Fort Wayne had enough people to support a place like this. OMG was it fun. I even got to play http://www.virtualworld.com/Tesla_II.shtml and I'd forgotten how much fun it was. Oh. And I got to eat at Krystal's again. YUM. The worst part of the trip was having to come back into my own apartment, away from the spotless and beautiful households and free rides given by parents glad to see their families together again. :)

Things did get cleaned some today tho. Need Bri to get her clothes cleaned up, then I think I might feel motivated enough to tackle the books/bookshelves. She did the dishes tho, or at least, most of them, and for this I thank her. It let me clean up my corner. Need to check target for wall hanging dvd racks. If not, I've a backup plan at Crate and Barrel. I even got FC3 installed on my server which I have named Hobbiton. Yay. Which reminds me, another reason this year sucked. I got fired from Sirva, a job I liked. This new Transworks job is nice, but it's not as nice as Sirva. Not even close. :P

I got to see wingedpixi this year, that means it wasn't all bad! Another reason this year wasn't all bad is that daxayl called me and wished me a Happy New Years. Not half bad, that.

The longer this entry goes on the more not good I feel, which seems to mean my entry is all depressing. Sorry folks, I have this headache, and my stomach didn't like what I ate, I guess.

OH. I got addicted to tea this year. ;) I'm not a tea snob, I just dig it.

So here's to Next Year, the hopes of a career, mental health, physical well-being, and maybe even more journal writing. :) (and maybe some nice new journal layouts!)
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