October 6th, 2004


Let it never be said...

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So, just an update. The temp place will continue to employee me. Yay! I have a job or two lined up through them already, and have sent out many a resume with nothing back, into the great electronic void. The want ads here in town are strangely void for any sort of work I really want to do, this week...it's depressing.

Went in to work to get things today. Found out who made the decision to fire me. An upper management type. My supervisor didn't want to fire me, or so he said. But he's known to say things just to make people better. Someone had taken my bookmark that Tina had given me. He is going to try and get it back. Yay! A friend I made at work says she wants to take me out to dinner as an apology for the management. I said I'd take her up on it. Problem, I don't have anyway of getting in contact with her. ;)

Am going to wait to buy Myst4. Currently, when you buy Myst4, it comes on DVD with Myst3 included. Which does me no good, cause I already have Myst3. What I want is Myst: Complete Chronicles and Myst4. Also, I am jobless, and have enough RTS games to satisfy my need for now. Shouldn't be spending money on spurious things like games.

Am worried about how going to pay for things like Halloween Party and RenFest now, but I'm sure that'll all work out.

Feels really strange to not have a job, after having one for so long (1.5 years). I feel, aimless. I wake up and panic thinking I have to go to work...

Blah. Anyways. I still owe Minsies a post. Mayhaps tonight I shalt finish writing it. ;) Or maybe clean some more. Clutter fills all available space!

Am looking at AD&D books, pondering monsters and campaign settings. Could be fun.
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