August 31st, 2004

man eater

Insert curse words here.

In an effort to be more sanitary, all curse words will be removed.

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So today I nearly t-boned a guy who ran a red light while the other side had been green for a while. Just decided he'd make it through the intersection, I guess? ****** (for your pleasure.)

Also, my grandmother sobbed on my shoulder because of the stupid basement flooding that's costing them an arm and a leg to fix. Hopefully this will do it. My hope level? Low.

Stupid people who call and don't tell me why their calling? **** you. I want your company name you *******.

******* routers that won't ******* post/give me a link light when you start up? Screw you. You have one more chance when I'm more awake.

God today has pissed me off. Oh, and did I mention I have 4 hours before I have to get up again to be in to work?

OH! And did I mention that I can't be late in the next 2 months or they'll probably fire me. And if I make it through said 2 months...they'll hire me permanently. WTF sorta logic is that.

I so cannot, absolutely, cannot wait for labor day weekend. I get to sleep in Bri's bed. Swim in a pool. And take that you ******* world.
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