August 22nd, 2004


Yes, I actually said..

"The toaster is the sexiest thing in the kitchen!"

This is officially minsies fault. Seriously. :) But now I have a toaster that works and works well.

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I also managed to obtain a copy of windows 98 (thank you nykkit and matt!). I know, I know. Why would anyone want one of -those- you ask? For old computer so that a friend of mine's kids can have a working computer! I still haven't gotten my router, but alas. And oh god, tivo is oh too tempting. Even the cheaper, non able to record to DVD's one is tempting. Lesigh.

Finally getting into NWN. Morrowind stares at me balefully. Bri starts school tommorrow, and I'm happy for her. The olympics have been great. It's been nice to sit and watch it with Bri. Be sad when it's over. Though because of the 100m race, I want to run a football field and see how fast *I* can do it. God. 9.85 seconds!! Anyways. I like to run, but damn.

Oh, discovered another product. Natural Ruffles. I suggest these to everyone.

On the other hand, today I had to spend with my mother. Shoot me now. But at least the clothes are done, the lawn is mowed....

And I'm done being a consumer.

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