July 21st, 2004


I feel...weird.

This is probably the first time in over a week *I* have no where to be, and nothing to do. I suppose I could do dishes if I was feeling truly motivated, but well, I'm not. This lack of motivation is what is standing between me and many things I refuse to see. Like a nice job, my own mental health which is precarious enough, figuring out what to do with all the legos in my apartment. ;)

And while we pause for me to go and pay a credit card off (yay!), as well as take care of any other financial woes, Collapse )

That was actually productive for me. Hah. I hate bills. (but not Bill, kytyn!)

So, let's see. A recap. Tina came. It was good. Her hotel played hide and go seek, though, that first night. The punk. We watched movies, hung out, talked, had a good time. Got to ride in a helicopter. Butterfly effect was a much better movie than I thought it would be. Had to make a powerbook behave itself. All in a day's work! I was afraid for some of the trip that she regretted coming up here, but I think I fixed that. We fixed? So yes. She told me to leave her at the airport, so I did. And it wasn't any fun. I just feel good that I restored some of her faith in the notion of humanity. And she's pretty much the same person (smartass) that she is online. Except in person she has cute hair. Poobah to Rusty. *grins* (her hairstylist)

Other news from that weekend. I got my DVD/VCR player back. I had to remind them it was mine, but they gave it up without too much fuss. I also got comments on my kill bill shirt. Speaking of cute turns of phrases, apparently Kerry is selling g-strings as fundraisers. Or someone who likes him is, rather. They say, 'No more Bush'. on them. Cute, huh?

I also managed to finally retrieve data off a cd. So now I have old old data files to peruse. It's like a trip down memory lane. It's great. I found old Monarchy banners saved as HTML. MONARCHY. Christ.

And tomorrow afternoon, after I sleep, I'm heading off again to the great yonder. This time to see Pixi and my Godfather. Be neat to meet his wife, *FINALLY*. He's keeping her to himself, I know he is. Chained up or sumfin.

Plans left on my plan list: Cedar Point. Ohio RenFest (any takers?). Bri adds that I want to 'SWIM! Splish Splish!' So maybe Cedar point's water park? :=) Uh. Maybe plan a vacation of sorts. Maybe it and Cedar Point can work together. Dunno.

Sorry I'm not around much phloxy. Don’t hurt me.

And now to go pay my grandfather his blood money, dl some of those aforementioned memory lane files onto the memory stick of washer fame, and talk shop. I might even get to play Morrowind tonight. Who would have thought.
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