July 1st, 2004


I am a geek.

To illuminate: Whilst watching the movie that is Spider Man 2 (which is better than the 1st) there is a scene where our intrepid geek is in his, presumably, college physics class. The teacher says something like "Can anyone tell me the eigenvalues?" and he answers with ".23 eV". It's not that hard to make up some appropriate question that actually correlates the two. Now, while I'm willing to admit I do not know *EVERYTHING* about this particular subject....rar.

Also, because of a silly quiz-meme thing, floating about, I got all curious into the actual nature of cliques. It makes me want to code again. Scary. Not to mention that I peered at my journal and went, 'hrm'. Still have things I'd like to do to it. And then I got to think about the moo/talker I've been meaning to code for..uh..years. I need to stop 'thinking' about these things.

Either that or play video games.

Or clean. :)

Becoming independently wealthy would help.

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Random quote for girls. May you never be described thusly. ...whose bosom resembled a large sack of potatoes...

And for nykki...This, for some reason, reminded me of you in a thumbnail. http://www.ciphergoth.org/photos/tokyo/eve/dcp_4621.jpg Japan-nykki?

Also, in other news, I haven't been able to sleep more than 4 or 5 hours a day for the past week. This sucks.

I also have no dvd/vcr. Stupid dvd player won't open. So bestbuy is fixing it. At least they're doing it for free, god love service plans.
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