April 21st, 2004



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Oivey. We'll wrap this up quick like.

Bri's birthday came and went, I think she enjoyed it. I got her lingerie, which some of the birthday party that we threw for her got to see. Is pretty. I want to show off her dress...The party was great, good food, good times. Was nice. Met Mandy, quinbit's girl. Very quiet, but she makes quinbit happy. And it suits quinbit, I think. Hrm. Bri enjoyed her other gifts, I know. She also apparently really enjoyed the potato salad..or coleslaw? I dun remember. ;)

After birthday party of joy, went out to wander the town, enjoy the scene, that sort of thing. Ended up park place grill downtown. I felt a bit out of place there. A bit to 'upscale' for me, sadly. But they had GREAT French onion soup. Dun think the entrees were worth ~20 a plate though. Music was good, though. Spent some time walking through parks, looked at pretty lights in front of the civic theatre...

And now it's tonight. Was trying to do dishes with Bri, the dishes attacked. Sliced up Bri's finger pretty bad, thought maybe we'd have to get stitches...but no. 3 cuts, one finger. She's sleeping now. Dishes aren't all done, but I managed to do some before lack of food, headache, and sleepy hit me. If I hadn't had spent so much time watching Die Hard with a Vengeance on TNT...=) I'm just glad Bri's okay.

Oh. Also ate one of these tonight. Is really good!

When I have more brains about me, I need to post about how I feel like words are slipping away from me, and an ode to a couple of people who make my life livable.
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