April 17th, 2004


This year I'm not as quick on the uptake.

But I still love you, lily-mine.

It's been another year. What about that? You haven't kilt me. I'm not feeling as poetic this year, sad to say.

I know I'm not the only one you love, but rather than go off the deep-end about it, I think I'll take a cue from the romance books. I'll fight you for it. I had a huge post planned that I'll put up later, edited because I'm going off on it now....

I'll try not to remember that in the books, it's always the other guy. :)

I just need to win you. *winks* S'how it works. Win the fair maidens heart with an open mind and heart, right?

Enough of me. On to you.

It's your Birthday. And I love you. I can hope you enjoy this day because I don't want you to think we don't remember, though I can't imagine it ever being enough for you(my attempt at humor was rejected on moral grounds. :) Maybe we'll get you elected empress and declare this Empresses Birthday. The whole world will love you. As is only your due. Because you have red hair. *nods*

Sorry you don't get poetic me, with pretty words and sunshined faces. All I've got is bluster. ;) No tales of golden sun and woven gold into fiery manes.

I hope you'll take it just the same.

Refer to last years post about this. I think I was much better than!

Love you. Happy Birfamaday.

(boy, can I *ever* blither.)

"One thing a man is good for," he said. "He'll stand his ground beyond sense or reason, and he'll fight to the death for what he believes. I believe in you. I'll hold you to the world when nothing else will."
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