April 10th, 2004


For some reason.

I hate it when my grandfather yells at me. I hate that he's getting old. I hate being told: 'You'll inherit'. Fuck that. He's my grandfather.

In other news, grandfather had to get a new mower. He broke the old one, supposedly by putting old oil/gas into it. I don't know if I like it as much.

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Got Easter lunch tomorrow. Dinner, whatever. Should be interesting. Want to make either muffins or lemon cheesecake for it. Dun know...

Found the neatest mouse. I'm so tempted to buy it. It has a fan! And it glows! And I could get a glowy mousepad! How cool is that. Yes, yes. I want my computer to be as colorful as it can be why still being stylish.

Enjoyed RP last night. Gotta keep people away from my Trinary mainframe. MINE! Ahem. Looking forward to Eric's campaign.

Mom got me a couple of Easter cookies. Bri's got a bunny.

I had something..real..to talk about, but I forgot what it was. Probably had to do with the weather or my attitude or my thoughts or my failings or...whatever. Maybe even my successes.


By the way. Don't step on cats.
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