March 27th, 2004


Yeah. Protect that ass.

I saw Hidalgo. And as someone told me, and indeed, I confirm. It's a movie about a horse.

But more importantly, they aroused my ire when they killed Jaffar, the black man. whose real name is Peter. How sad. It could be like, 'Masof Al-Hazzim'Kalabahuk.' But instead, he got Peter.

Anyways. Uh. I sent out resumes. I have a job interview at 0900 on Thursday. That's early. I hate them. But if they give me a good job, I will love them.

Funny part: I don't really remember all of what the job entails. Just that I'm qualified. I don't even know where it is. Well, I mean I know where the interview is, but not where I'd be working at. How's this for prepared. :)

I had more, like usual, to write, but I can't remember it. I have my description for my AD&D char?

Standing 5 foot tall, but with a dense wiry frame, this hardy drow elf seems ready to spring at any moment. With shockingly white, almost ice-blue hair pulled back into a brief ponytail, it highlights the near shadow-like quality of his skin. Elegant cheekbones drawn like royalty draw you to the single most shocking feature of his face, eyes that have no whites. Just a pure malovelent ice-blue gazing back at you. The pupils, if you are brave enough to look, swirl like shadows in the abyss. The rest of him he drapes beneath a cape. His gait is one of a fighter, every-wary as only a drow can be. Occasionally you see hints of scale, almost reptilian in nature, that seems to be cleverly interwoven between strands of spider silk armour for the maximum benefit.

It's a start, anyways.
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