January 26th, 2004


You can measure human misery.

So far, mine's cost me ~300. What with the not going to work, the doctor, the medicine...

And I *still* don't feel good. I left you with my last post on the 16th...

Which brings me to a footnote. Check out the comments to that entry! I've never gotten randomly trolled before. I pondered deleting them, but didn't. I did however turn IP tracking back on. :) In an ironic sort of way, I got these entries in the middle of my raging sickness and I was just like, 'Come on now, the entire world?'

Hrm. Bri did well on her placement tests, is now in school. I can help her with her math homework. Yay! Her parents still are giving her flack for everything from needing money for books, to the amount of money for books, to the fact that she doesn't have a checking account...They're so damned unhelpful sometimes. They'll send boxes of Christmas gifts, but not....yargh! It's so stupid. They won't even try and do as she asks and then get annoyed at her when she tells them things didn't go as they wanted them to because they didn't!

Oh, by and by. My bank's policy on not accepting signed over checks? RAR. I need to find the two tellers who've been very helpful and did it anyways and know their hours by heart. Bri needs to get this stupid piece of paper notarized (who on earth ever came up with such an inane process) and the bank managers are notaries, but I'm afraid they'll be stupid about this too as about everything else.

So. On Wednesday morning, I go home from work an hour early because I felt really...sore. All over body aches. Thought I was catching something but figured I'd shake it off by Saturday, I mean, 3 days is enough time for bed rest and good food and whatnot to shake things off, right? Wrong. I think sometime Thursday the diarrhea struck...And here we are now, and I'm still diuretic (sp?). The past few days have been horrible. I usually get sicksick about once a year. Last year it was similar to this, but it wasn't nearly as bad. I think. I finally figured out that the reason I was dry heaving had nothing to do with illness, in a manner of speaking. It had to do with gas. I was trying to equal out gassy bits. It's been a roller coaster the past day or so because I'll be better for a bit, then I'll get worse, then better...I'm afraid even now, my relatively good feeling will melt away. Bri's been awfully nice to me though. She's done everything of her I've asked. Mostly. ;) (For example: She did *not* carve out my intestines with a sharp knife. Sad, but true!)

Of course, I've been absent from around, and to anyone whose missed me, I apologize. (I hope your granddaughter feels better Tina!) Oh. I forgot to mention, we're back down to one computer. Bri's Mac fried itself. It made a noise like a bug on one of those bug lamps...and...gone. Which sucks.

And currently, my body is reminding me why it lately has been in control, which means I need to abscond for a second.

An interesting point of thought: Why is it we tend to think of ourselves as separate from our bodies? Like two separate entities. At least, I do.

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