December 16th, 2003


...tendency to chew on things he doesn't understand.

A quote from a letter melydia wrote. About a turtle. But I figure it's a bit like me, metaphorically speaking.

Being awashed in memories is often a good thing, especially when they bring to mind idyllic times and meaning uncluttered, even at the time, by the hesitancy of the future, or even the present.

The apartment is warm now. Happily so. I'm done with all my schoolwork. All of it. I failed my last final, I was unprepared for it, but it was the only bad grade I got in the class. Hopefully the law of averages is not weighted against me so.

I was tired. Word has it that my Christmas tree skirt of pretty green is missing, but a frantic search for it is underway at the last known location. I hear even the elves are looking for it. But I don't have a tree up right now, anyways. Hopefully, as things are wont to do, it will all work out for the best in the end.

A few quizzes, than a serious few bits of questions, posed to clear out the notepad, framed because of some thoughts that I've been worrying about. They're just questions. I'm looking for the truth, not what people think I want to hear. I guess I just did something I said I'd never do, which is edit an entry...I'll post more about it later, maybe. These thoughts need revision.

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Basically, I cut stuff because it wasn't fair. But this is, I think, is a much nicer way. And heck, anon. posting is still on because of last post, so I'll leave it on here if you feel the need. I can't ask for validation. But I do want opinions. Besides. This is nice. ;) Stuff I want to know...well. I'll figure that out on my own. :)

(re posted because I realized how much I detest the quiz mechanism for stuff like this.)

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Oh, and something I forgot to mention. I'm going to see LotR:RotK on Wednesday morning with my beloved. Yay!
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