November 12th, 2003


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So, I could tell you stuff. I could tell you how cool pentacon was, or about the sharpyshinies, or about the chainmail bikini I almost bought (and am still thinking about) for Bri. I could tell you about the costumes there, or the people, or about how much fun I had....and the stupidity I often exhibit...

But I think I won't. I will however mention that I sent the last of the 'stuff' to Liz. And I sent M her Christmas present. Don't open it till Christmas!

I could tell you about the tests I've been taking left and right, about how ready I am to graduate...about how I forgot to print my resume!...I'll do that tomorrow, and fax it too, for this neato job of network admin. Well, maybe neato. I could tell you about how annoyed I am with my classes...or how neat it is to finally work 3rd, but I'd forgotten how boring it is, and how prone I am to sleeping. Not to mention, that I've been sleeping a lot lately. I could tell you about people at work...

I could tell you about how I've got plans in motion that won't happen if I don't ever find time for them. I could tell you about how tight my money situation is.

I could tell you how worried I am about the people in my life. About how I miss doing some things, and being some other person.

But, why.

I've got chaos in my head.
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Pentacon is expensive and damn did Bri look good in chainmail. Oh. Yeah.

Money will be tight this month..and I turn 23..and you know what happens when I turn 23? My licensee needs to be renewed.

But even more than that....

I have to keep 500+ in my bank account for the bank to be nice to me.

How the fuck am I going to do that.
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