November 1st, 2003


I'm annoyed and I shouldn't be.

And I'll leave it mostly at that. Alone. At least Erica called me. Course, if I hadn't had left my phone on silent, I might have gotten it early enough to save myself the trouble of getting ready.

Everyone went to sleep. I knew this would happen. And more amusingly, they split up. So I wasn't about to travel 2 hours when sleepy to arrive at a location where everyone was asleep and where I wouldn't have any room to sleep m'self. Hope everyone had fun. (and I promise, Erica, I wasn't mad. You sounded like you were having a good time, so keep up the good work.)

My day at worked sucked ass. I need to unwind, man! I think I'll turn on the music..or watch stupid action flicks. Maybe I'll sleep. More likely I won't and then when people wake up in the morning, and assuming they bother to call me, I'll probably be too damned tired.

And then I'll feel annoyed at myself for not being able to sleep except when I'm driving, or at work. Neither of which is a good combination. The sleeping bit. Being annoyed at oneself is never good for anything, ever, much less in combination.

Maybe I'll stay awake and templatize my school site just to get used to the idea of working with templates. Or spod. Or do a combination of the activites mentioned above.

I have to remind myself that I only have two more months (approximately) of school left. Then I have a degree and no fucking clue what to do with it, but I've got it, and that's something to be looking forward to. Yay go me. Maybe then I can find a job that will 1) let me have a real life, or 2) let me pay to have a real life. This whole moving away bit to go to grad school though is sounding fun. Kinda like a clean slate, start over. Cept I'm a computer geek, so we never unplug enough to start over. Now isn't -that- deep. No, really. Think about it. Oh, option 3) Have degree, keep working current dead-end job.

Oh, and I need to make a stop to my nearest UPS-Brown drop off location. *wields packages*
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I woke up...

And it was dark and I was panicky, and she wasn't there.

Really, everything’s about the same, except now I can't get ahold of I can't even go find.

I had a dream. Tis why I woke up panicky. A dream about my school, mansionized as per usual. I had a good thing going there, friends, education...and then I kept sabotaging things for no reason. In the end, I blew up the school..and my life was reduced to nothing.

I think someone's trying to tell me something.
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