September 17th, 2003


For 5 dollars, I'll satisfy your cravings too.

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I don't know what it is that's been stewing in my mind lately. Got an appointment for my car to get serviced. She lost her console lights and she's making the, 'I want oil' noises. Mowed my g'rents lawn, helped kill bees. Got harped about the huge cell phone bill. Assured him I'd pay the damn thing as soon as next week came around. At least, as much of it as I can, which should be all of it, but might not be. Went to school, of course. Pretty blasé. Except that the girl in my web design class stole my pencil. I need new eraser bits and pencils obviously, how I lost them is beyond me... Work was interesting, if slow. Did you know that if for some reason my work blew up, there's a plan for that? Really the plan is for if the work site is 'inaccessible' for whatever reason...and I volunteered that if time permitted, I'd go in a van or whatever on the company's dollar and go to Louisville and do my work there for a while. Anyways.

Trying not to get involved while still being friendly is difficult, let me tell you. My hackles get all raised up, grr, and then I get preachy. But then I snap my lady's spine in twain multiple times and feel better about it. Fixed an easy c++ problem today on an lj list I frequent was nice. Am planning how to do certain other projects such as a work project to demonstrate how nice computers are in making our lives less prone to error and well as make a cs in loverly html. Someone suggested to me a way to conquer a problem of mine and I was like, 'DUH!' So anyway.

Thoughts circle in head that are pointless. Everything from what my diary entry would be titled were my lady to leave me, to the levels at which I would go to protect her would she be harmed. Also featuring are music songs that play on repeat and wishes of things I could say to exes and 'friends' alike.

Cindy's popped back up, which is good. I need more Cindy's in my life.

Sleep. I need more of that in my life too. It's 5 a.m. I have to be up at 8:30. I don't know if I'm sleeping yet. I want to do things online...I need to do my homework. Gah.

OH! And on a final note. DAMN was the stuff Bri cooked tasty. Props to the chef for the food. Encore! Encore! (but no more straddling me (my back?) from behind my chair and cleaning out my ears. That's creepy. But it is nice to be groomed, no matter how much I complain.)
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She said!

She: I need to get on a normal schedule.

Me: I heard I need to get on an oral schedule.

She: That too.

And then she cutely handed me an eraser pencil. Yay!

And just because we can't let go at that...

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