September 12th, 2003


Like a dog at a bone...

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Emptiness gnaws at me, fills me with its comfort, trying to keep me from seeing the truth, scarce though it might be. I've caught myself wishing I had time to write, and not in the public journal sense. In the private one, where the depths of my soul find themselves tortured and conflicted. Story time, as it be. I wish I was comfortable enough at work, I might. I can only do so much homework every night. I should do more now. I should do more tonight. Instead, I'll just...I don't know. Maybe by tonight I just won't care again.

I hate missing classes. I hate the missing pieces.

You know, I'm such a good dark jedi. I wield hate so well, harness it quietly and comfortably. It sends everyone else away from me. In a manner of speaking, its the only peace I've ever known. If you could call it peace. And you can't, so maybe its something else.

And I'm all out of things to say. Going to brood myself into a better mood. I'm feeling vaguely better anyways. Dark Gothic Roleplay for everyone!
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