July 29th, 2003


Just thought I should clear out the quizzes.

I slept through my alarm/class again. God I hope he doesn't kill my grade for classes missed. We'll see.

Today. I could go see Laura in Angola. Beautiful driving weather. My nose is stuffed up. I could go get milk, cheese, condoms, and maybe RAM. All in a day's work. I could go see a movie, prolly Tomb Raider.

I could probably do 2/3 of those, but not all.

Or sit at home, play FF, not do anything, bitch about everything. At least I'm close to beating it. "What, you've defeated Ozma?! I've come too far to retreat." Mr. Smarmy who died before he took a single action. High and freakin' mighty with yer 60k hitpoints. At least Ozma put up a fight. Go clean. And give me a God Save the Queen while yer at it. Here's to you Brad.

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