July 21st, 2003


Forgive me for being crass...

But I blew a port on my router, I think. It pisses me the fuck off.

Memoried an old journal entry of n's. Well, both of them are hers, but the one is only memoried cause of my comment.


Uh. Last night was hazy. I have the feeling I should have been more awake, if for no other reason than that tonight my sleep schedule is going to suck the big one.

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Laura wants to see me next Sunday. Lisa misses me. I miss me. Class tomorrow for ethics is at the firefly. weehoo. Wonder if the teacher is paying 'gain. I want to beat the snot outta FF. I want to figure out why I'm not enough. I want work to change my schedule cause I'm cool. I want them to hire me permanently. I want them to give me a pay raise when they do it. (apparently reviews for the three month mark are up soon?) I want to figure out why Bri hurts so much. And then figure out how to fix it.

I want things to be like they were. I feel like an episode of some tv show last night I was watching. Damn them for having messages that make sense. Damn them to hell.
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