May 21st, 2003



Vita's voice echoes in your mind:
She pages, "Oh, a totally random note: 55% of your blood is non-cellular. And 91% of that noncellular part is water :)

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Spent borrowed money for groceries. Hoping to get 300 dollars or so from my paycheck on Friday. Already spent it. Didn't see Lisa, cause I couldn't get ahold of her. Less wondering, feel more myself. Dunno why. Have to start summer school tomorrow. Not gonna have lots of sleep. :) (like anyone was surprised.)

Need to stretch.
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An amusement.

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Some list, somebody published about the most read British books or something. I'm not great reader of classics, but I don't feel half bad for hearing of half the ones I hadn't read.

Music appreciation as a class is gonna be easy. Weehoow.

Sleep soon, love you world.
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