May 17th, 2003


Am I exaggerated?

So, color coding. Spoilers and TMI is in Red.

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So, er. I saw the Matrix Reloaded.

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Kinda missed the trailer at the end, not because I wasn't watching, but feeling like the only thing that comes between people is me. That instead of actually feeling like I do, they just..pander to me. Which is stupid, cause sometimes we all disagree and do things just because someone else wants us to. It'd be so nice though? *snickers* Regardless of the truth, that's what I felt like, and I was all upset. And then I snapped at Erick for something he didn't deserve to get snapped at because he said something that hit a sore point of mine (lately it feels like people are like *Patpat* there there Jeff, It'll be better. now go along now...) Anyways. uh. yeah. And then I tried to apologize to him before he left, cause I could tell I got him upset..and he blew me off, and I got annoyed at that (how childish is that folks. ;) managed to *once* again kill the mood for a bit when I was upset cause I couldn't apologize. Way to go, me.

Babbled about philosophy and religion and systems and math and..what if we are just cells in the body of some other beast whose heart beat is the fall and rise of what we call the galaxy.

Creepy, huh.

Where was...ah yes!...Not fit for human consumption. Really. I was even in the mood last night to write some more of my story from before, but didn't, mostly cause I didn't want to stare at the fucking just depresses me, usually. I'm all about warm human bodies. Speaking of, Collapse )

What the fuck is wrong with me. *ahems* Curled up next to her, once again fell asleep while Bri suffered through least I think she did. :) She was a comforting presence, and I went to bed. Slept okay for the first time in a while, even if it was for -far- too short.

In case anyone didn't know, I hate my job. Haaaate it. At least I don't have to work Monday. But as Bri pointed out, 'Let's go out job hunting.' There goes my easy day of nuffin' to do.

Sunday is going to be me cutting the lawn, getting the laundry done, coming back here doing the lawn, getting the dishes done...Oh. And maybe seein' Lisa. I'll have to call her again tonight. Oh. And con my g'rents out of 50 dollars. 20 for gas, 30 for groceries. I didn't get paid, and at this point...we don't have much in the way of food...and I may not be able to *get* to work without gas.

I think I am.
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    TV network! (see a theme here?)

Ass Trek

Q: Molest at will, mon capitaine.

(this line could be said by so many people, really, but Q is famous for being French in the series...:)

Oh. Don't ask why this came up and got posted, I'm just in a weird oddly reversive mood.
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