April 30th, 2003


Ah damn.

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I got into an argument with a teacher today. A little one mind you, but. Just got tired of his holier than though teaching attitude. Other than that..erm..I just kinda realized how much less time I have before 'summer' The idea of it is tainted by the idea of money and having to go to summer school, but still.

Got a 'lead' on a job, hope that goes somewhere. Uh. Yeah. Like i have news.

Oh. I'm a whiny suspicious paranoid bitch. Just ask Bri. *nuzzles her* I don't deserve her. She's wonderful.
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Oi. Today's been a circus. Got my car back from the place that fixes cars. It runs better, it even feels weird to me! It's amazing what oil, air, and filters can do for a car.

I've talked to three separate people about different jobs today, more in the queue to deal with, some to check up on...Haven't heard back from the third shift North American job, which is a shame, but oh well. Let them drag their feet. Another third shift job doing document imaging at a place called Waterfield morgage fell through (they apparently put the position on hold?), Requirements, associates degree (I almost have a bachelors.) and 2 years experience of helpdesk with NT/Win2000. Hrm. ResNet doesn't quite count, but I can bullshit good. So I'm going to see if they'll consider me for that job. A data center in fort wayne is looking for Server Administrators, CCNP helpful. I could go get a CCNA, which is one step below a CCNP...so I'm going to try and apply there anyways, and hope my other networking skills as well as my maintenance of servers at school will get me in the door. Also a headhunter place that requires a fee of 160 dollars...but they need networky and computer people now, apparently, for their clients...and it *is* a one time fee...but I don't have it to give them, so that'll have to wait. Guy had a good sales pitch till I told him I didn't have it right now, but when I did, I'd come see him. He got off the phone quick. ;) Problem with those last three jobs is that even though school is about over...well...Until it's over, I can't do first shift, and then I have summer school...and that's all messy. Probably have the best luck with headhunter people. (damn you Tina for getting HeadHunter stuck in my head.) Also need to go apply at wal-mart.

Lovely that I've got all these job ideas now...but I need money..erm...now. I just want to make 400 dollars before the end of this month. That'll let me pay my cc's, my bills, and buy groceries. I look at my fridge and pantry and weep. :)

The mighty, oh, how have they fallen.

While I'm at wishing, I might as well wish for a wireless router and a laptop with a decent setup. It'd be nice to put on the headphones, take the laptop out to the roof when the weather is nice..and..just...do shit outside. Hell. I don't need the wireless part yet, I can get a cord that'll go that long...but I'm wishing here.

Anyways. Er. I have cute new icons! A kitten, and a rose, cause I like roses.

Back to homework. List is getting shorter as I check things off the queue, but having pre-emptive assignments keeps pushing other ones back...it's all messy. I'm hoping though, I'll get them all done.

I'm not certain yet what I'll do for my 5 minute presentation in front of humanities. I could do something martial artsy, talk about the philosphy..etc...could do some nykkit poetry, which is worthy of sharing with the world....could do fractal art...or even Escher...cyberpunk?...DUNE!...I'll choose something. I wrote down existentialism on my paper thing, and we'll see how the prof likes that. Don't ask me why, it just came into my head.

Back to the grindstone. I feel pretty comfortable that at least on the school end, I'll end this semester on a 'good' note.
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