April 20th, 2003


Wizards First Rule.

People are stupid, that much I'll give.

Don't really know if I like the book. Is better than Blackmantle! (sorry love. Your taste in books is as strange as your taste in tv. ;) I suppose I should at least give some of the rest of the series a chance.

Also, I think I'm a curmudgeon, or something equally depressing. I can't just shutup and let people enjoy the things that they enjoy. I mean, as long as they're not causing anyone else any harm why should I throw a hissy fit about it.

But I do. I'm so finely balanced, and it bugs me. Simple things send me over the edge, as it were. So simple...I can make them not be simple, but they are, really. I'm just...bitter? Morally .

As the mood states, I'm sick. I don't feel good. I should go to my family's Easter dinner tomorrow, but me and bri are both sick and making my family sick is not an idea of fun. The food sounds good though....

And I would like to see my family. I really would. Well. I think. I don't really know them, not really. Many reasons behind it, but...in the end, like above, why make it any less simple than it really is. And I had planned on going...but being sick helps me not want to go, not to mention allows me to fall back into my 'pattern' of thought where my family is concerned. You over there. Me over here. *nods* Is good that way.

Also with the sickness and the weekend comes things from Steph. She'll be around on Sunday night...but again, with the sickness..and...as silly as it may seem, I want this meeting to be on my terms, not hers.

I have a huge pile of homework here....3 papers that need to be done, 1 DD lab...by Tuesday.

I'm rambling. I'm going to go over there now to try and rest.

At least I can console myself with knowing that if I Don't go to Easter Dinner, I won't feel too bad. Nobody ever told me what time it is, and it's too late to ask, I don't feel like staying awake long enough to ask them in the morning, and I'll probably sleep through the time anyway. They know we're sick....

Why does this not make me feel better. Hah. A long tangent there my friends, a long tangent indeed.
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I feel like crap. But at least I can talk today without the rasp...

Called, wished the matriarchs happy Easter. Prognosis: I don't feel good. (These people are Brilliant!) Drink warm lemonade, gargle salt-water...drink rum mixed with something or another. Hah. My mother, the bartender. Got told we have Easter eggs that are non-edible waiting for us. Wee.

Also, there's a dog at my house. Bri's deathly allergic to 'em. So.

No go to Easter Dinner.

Happy Easter, World. Fuck you. =)

P.S. Next family dinner: Thanksgiving...
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