April 17th, 2003


No crumbs.

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How does one detail everything you'd like to say about a past with someone? How can you condense it into an entry that's coherent? So much of anyone is all little things that do not translate to words well. Smiles, colours in the eyes, moments shared with laughter and tears, inside jokes... Facts sound too cold, not coloured with emotional overlay. But emotions do not convey well to facts.

Ah well. It's gonna be a good day, I can tell. Collapse ) All that's left to do is cook, me thinks. :) And on a glorious thing cooking is. I like to cook.

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I am a paid member. Watch me abuse my last few days of it!

Rather than doing homework, I'm trying to figure out what I need to do to graduate next term.


  • Take an 18 credit hour semester, pay the extra 900 dollars it would cost. Sleep: Little. ;) Workload wouldn't be too bad what with most of them being non-technical...*frets* This is the most..logical...option.

  • Take 6 credit hours this summer, 12 next semester..(I wonder if the reduction of 12 credit hours would let my current financial aid package be able to extend and cover the 6...)...worry about how to pay for the 6 credit hours. My mother could get a plus loan. *snicker* Or if my mother gets turned down for a loan, I can get an unsubbed stafford loan. Uck. More debt. Find someone with 2260 dollars to give/lend me. ;)

  • Break up 18 into 24, two 12 hour semesters to satisfy full time status, be graduating in spring of next year with people who graduated from high school in 2000. More debt. Yeck.

Oivey. I just want my CS degree. I want to get to Grad School. And I want to Do Something Useful with My Life.

Are these wishes so silly?

*keeps on chugging*

P.S. Poor Lily. The federal government expects her parents to have money to pay for things. They expect my mother to do it too, though why, I don't know. My school knows she doesn't, so they help me out. But her...*mrowrs*...She deserves to be able to chase her dreams too, damnit. All we want is to better ourselves! There's gotta be money out there for that.
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