December 10th, 2002


Ugh. Make it stop.

So, I didn't go see her on Saturday. I was sick. Sicksicksick. Still don't feel good. My stomach and my intestines have been arguing. It doesn't make me happy. I want to feel better! To enjoy life!..(moral of the story: don't eat bad pizza.)

But I did feel good enough on Sunday to go out with M and play pool. M liked having Bri around. They talked about Indian food. :) Bri didn't play though, her shoulder was hurting too much. And Bri, bless her heart, has been taking care of me. *purrs onna Bri*

Okay, so more practically I want to be able to do my homework in an upright position. I've never been this annoyed at a finals week before...I have -so- much to do if I want to pass all my classes, or at least try. Digital design being the hum-dinger. Gotta study for the last test, the final, get the lab done....get the homework done...oivey.

Prof. Com. Paper. Portfolio bs. Weee.

Net, all I have to do *really* is settle down with the online curriculum, do some reading, pass some tests, and figure out how to make frame relay work. Not hard. ;)

Diffeq. I can only get a B in the class. I don't think I can even on my worst day fail the final with a 45% or whatever it was. ;) So a B it is for me. (if it weren't for one farkin' test...)

And then, after school is done, I intend to start seeing people again. Miss nykkit. Miss Lisa. Should go track down Liz'beth. Call Sheree randomly. Find Kate. Wonder why I have no male friends of note. ;)

Ah well. Oh, other things to add to my plate. Thursday my car goes in the shop. Weeeee. :)

To the showers with me now.

After however, leaving you with this funniness: My mother asked me if I had brought 'adult videos' over to the house and watched. Now, besides the strangeness of me doing that...I don't own any. She said she found out who did though, and wants to tell me as it's a 'funny story'. I'm holding out for my grandfather, strange as that may be. =)

*rips out stomach and anus with spoon*
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