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Never enough time.

To do all the things I want, much less post here.

Oivey. I suppose I'll start off with a general replay of my life's events from most recent (hence the most detail) to..whenever.

This weekend was Reflections Projections. It's a computer conference at UoIUC. The notable speaker to me was, Alexey Pajitnov, the creator of Tetris. :) There were some geeky points of interest, such as Ewing Lusk (a guy who works at Argonne National Labs), and Henrik Wann Jensen, the inventor of photon mapping as well as some other horribly interesting graphics stuff. The conference was fun. The facilities are lovely, as were the people, the food...and sides. College towns are filled with scenery. ;) Some to be seen, others to be experienced...(A chocolate cafe anyone? :)

When I wasn't conferencing, I was probably bumming around with Aaron. We managed to play 4 games of chess, he won 2, I won 2. I'm getting better. My overall record is now 9-3 vs him. Also played magic. Some jokes about the most pathetic attendee of the conference, twat ticklers (yes the name is offensive, but damnit the joke was hilarious!), and how the talkers of the conference all seemed to be in some way or another gunning for each other. ;)

Random: I saw Sweet Home Alabama. It was great. I swear sometimes that I'm not a guy...course, most of my good female friends might even agree with me on this. ;) However, warning. There are some crappy movies coming out. I feel for you if you have to watch the previews.

Biaggi's here in town is tasty lovely wonderful goodness. The portions aren't as big or as cheap as say Casa's, but damn! They're tasty wonderful goodness. ;)

Bought my entertainment center. Couldn't help my mother out much with all the things she wanted me to do. She'll probably be pissy ass about it, but there's nothing I can do.

Right. So back to the regression. Before the conference? School and work. School is overwhelming me and I'm really worried about passing Net 2. I cannot afford to fail. Cannot. Cannot. So. Ugh. I need to batten down the hatches and churn out the work...but I'm loosing steam. I don't know why, but I'm just running out. It was so much easier when I had someone to come home to...We'll digress for a moment.

I -miss- Liz. I don't often admit to it. It hurts sometimes. I don't know if this means I'm unhealthy, or just lonely because I don't have that part of me she was. She was apparently sick the other week and I'm like, 'Buh. Wanna help!' Anyways. Yeah. Loneliness is killing me. Which is why I've had such a hard time working on homework and why hanging out with Steph and Bri and Co is so appealing. Bri needs a friend and I really feel like ... she could be a good friend, a very good one. So its nice to be spending time with her. And the benefit of that indirectly is since she's not afraid of asking me to come around or whatever, I do....And I get to see nykitt and the matt's more often. :=)

In fact, 3 hour+ trivial pursuit games are great, let me tell you. Cept when I lose to Amistad. Crappity crap.

Steph and I are doing well. She's pretty offbalance and I don't know how to deal with it, so I just try to be around. She's actually a lot like Laura at the moment in the 'unbalanced' category, though I think they're both doing it in their own way.

Mmrph. Women. Heather is like a drug and Laura (another Laura) is the sweetest thing. ;) Then there's this girl I work with at work. Irene. Cute lil mexican. All nice and friendly. Maybe I -am- getting a hold of this female as just friends thing. Hah! What a novel concept.

*amuses himself, realizes that this entry has lost all coherence*

I worry about nykki. She's so strung out, but she feels better to me now that she got away for the weekend for her bed and breakfast. So I'm glad.

And with that, I'm going. Thoughts are flowing from my head to the kb before I can really think about it. And that's bad. ;)

Diffeq test on Wednesday, probably get my entertainment center up before then. Don't know. Depends on if I go hang out with Steph or not.

Weeeee! Sweet sleep.

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