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Delusions are as real as we let them be.

I'm all sore throaty and I don't like it. If only I could deal with menthol, but I've never much liked it. At least the Tylenol sore throat stuff I got does a good temporary job of relieving.

Spent lots of money I shouldn't have today. But oh well. I finally *have* money. My bills are slowly getting paid off. Food's in the house. Gifts for myself (like the Animatrix DVD) are allowed, right? Also got stuff for Bri, but you're not old enough to know what it is.

Drowned in darkness brought to light

I've been trying to code, but can't seem to wrap my mind around it. Don't know why. Wished I could have went to German fest, or had fun showing Bri the loveliness involved. Maybe next year. Got a call from Liz, she wants to see me next week. Weee.

Reading instead of doing anything interesting. Watching Bri rp and chat. Well. Kinda. More like watching her from across the room and watching in that strange sort of way as text goes by on her screen. It's weird how dis...connected... it seems, lately. Maybe it's the animatrix shorts. I have the one with the kid in my head.

Am I alone?
You are not alone.

Since I have neither maid nor slave, I should go do dishes. At least that's useful. I can't...I can't focus. I'll wait till the rest of this cd plays out though. It's good stuff, even if the names of the composers/bands are weird.

silver-speck and silver-bright

Why is it you can never remember what you wanted to say or express when you set down to write it out later? Are thoughts that fleeting? As fleeting as our existences and meanings?

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