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It used to be crystal. - Spirit — LiveJournal
It used to be crystal.
Current Mood: awake awake
Dreams are strange creatures.

I had fragmented images from the other dream I had..but that's all now. Butterflies and metroplexes that were homes and restaurants.

But the dream I just had. I was a innocent civilian caught in a military zone. Apparently the drug users were out in force and they sent in the military to stop them. It happened along the railroad tracks, I think. Maybe it was a road, but I think it was tracks. Big ol line of doom. Army on one side, gang-bangers and pushers on the other. Very nasty. And then the killing began, and war is never pretty. I was right in the thick of it, yet...I was also killing. Just to stay alive mind you, but the shock of it... Eventually I was picked up by an officer in the military who knew me. And I dissolved into a simpering mess at the horrors of everything as they held me and told me what was going on and asking me what I was doing there.

The end. I think the Sword of Truth series is bugging me.

At least I got up when my alarm went off. I should make it to class now, something I haven't done for a week. Hopefully my teacher only hates me a little bit, but with working 1 till 10, even with the 'best' of intentions, I usually only get to bed at 2 and then having to wake up at 7 for school....ugh. Then even having to stay awake for the next 2 hours is rough. :) Usually I could get a nap, but today I have to cash my paycheck. (yay money) Course, it'll stay in my account for about 30 seconds. Damn bills.

And to my lady-love, thank you for being understanding. Even with lukewarm water. :(
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