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Random Assortment.

Funny stuff from the NYT.

So why are we getting concrete? Here are some of the reasons I've heard:
3. "We can't find the rocks." But that's what Indiana's for.

daxayl 95%
ellisande 95%
tinarobin 91%
ayradyss 84%
meira 58%
How compatible with me are YOU?

I wish it was a dynamically generated graph or something.

I love my new job. Love. Love. Love. :) That may change, I mean, it is a call centery job doing routing for UPS (though who I'm actually working *under* is a bit of a mystery, but as long as they get me money, I don't care. ;) but the work seems interesting and it has some serious possibilities to go upwards considering we'll be the first. They had a center doing something like this, but they're closing it down and we'll be taking their job...plus adding on some other things because our location is so prime.

That kinda makes me feel weird. I'm taking someone else's job. And not because they got phased out or anything, but because this location is better than theirs for what the business needs. On the other hand, the wages are good, the hours are amazing..and they're flexible..and willing to train us...and there's lots of opportunities for advancement...So I dunno.

I added brawi to my friends list today. He had a journal a while ago but said he was only going to use it as a way to comment on friends' journal. On a whim I checked him out again..and well, he had more stuff. Mostly stories, fiction. But he's a durned good writer. So even if I only get to find out what's going on in his life through bits of fiction, so be it. Brad is cool.

Oi. So much...so much to admit to, to say. I got a long call from Elizabeth of long ago, I've thought long and hard on the status of relationships I currently have. I think about the so called realm of TMI and wonder why...

I wonder why I am the way that I am. What thoughts do others have in the dark of the night hidden in the recesses of their own mind on my actions. Will I ever know?

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