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Okay, not as much funny as I thought.




I can't take the LJmatch thing because the server is overwhelmed and they won't let outstanding citizens such as myself sign up. C'est la vie.

I have a pimple on my nose. It hurts.

I have this strange feeling about today. I don't know what it is yet, but I hope it goes well. I'm feeling weird. I'm worried about a bevy of things as usual.

Ah well. I saw Lisa for a bit yesterday to help her figure out why Excel was bein' a stupidhead. She recruited me to help her pick out wedding gown ness. Or in her words: Where's the gay Jeff?

Strangely enough, Lianez IM'd me, and I found he does Thel gaming on Sat. with Kevin in town. How weird is that. It's like the black van is watching...

Anyways. Off to mow the lawn. Maybe see if I can cheer up the residents...
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