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Mischievous Prince - Spirit — LiveJournal
Mischievous Prince
The title stems from the title that I was attributing to Bill. Also because we were talking about mischievous princes in mythology and history.

At any rate. Today has been interesting. Got things done, realized how much more I have to go. TV's dying...need to fix it. :( S'not my tv, it can't die!! I need victims for my furry handcuffs. I need more pictures. More visual evidence I exist.

Speaking of visuals, I have stuff for my LJ icons. Just need to decide what I want.

Oh, and in case any of you wondered how lazy I really am?...I installed a systray utility that tells me the weather. This way I don't have to work at figuring out what the weather is.

It's so spiff.

I might join a chess club at school. I like chess. The idea holds appeal.

And with that, food beckons, and sleep calls. Maybe if I get an early start I can get stuff done and belittle my list of things to do.
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