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LJ, Comcast, and me all have one thing in common right now...

We're being flaky.

You are a Succubus!
You are a kind of demon, but your only goal is to
lure the innocent and naive into your deadly
trap. You use your sinful body to worm your way
into the hearts of mortals. When they have
fallen for you you rob them of everything they
hold dear - and last you take their very soul.
Yet you are a creature of pleasure, delighting
in all sins the flesh has to offer. Your
victims die with a smile on their bloodstained

What kind of supernatural being are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

I'm kinda partial to nephlim and half-breed of the other choices, but hey, whatever.

And in quote: I'm in agreement with Heaven apparently. Whatever the hell that means. For some reason, this was funny. Last night was weird. Just ask Bri who had to deal with me. Equilibrium is an interesting movie. The point of the movie was a bit lacking, but remember kids. Prozium is Fuck It All. And I want to grow up to be a cleric. Kinda amusing that this b'ish movie actually has a fighting scene involving guns of the like I'd never seen. Very spiff.

I am so tired. I just don't do this waking up at 7 in the morning thing well. At all. If I got 6 hours of sleep in the afternoon, it'd be more restful than this shit (stuff darling.) I have now. Had a weird dream last night. Was about paychecks. Unfortunately, I don't think I'm getting a 3000 dollar check. It'd be nice. *looks at his stacks of bills* Already got one overdue bill. They want 300 dollars...I think I can have it by then...

Still wanting to hear about this other job. I should go call after this, just to be obnoxious. Well, they're changing hours at work...Don't know if I like it much. We'll see how it goes. In the meantime, I have to endeavor to wake up sleeping beauty who wants the car to go job shopping today.

I'll leave my lovely journal with this: Can fantasies really embitter a person to reality?

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