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I have a job?


Anyways. Yeah.

So Monday I had all set up to be a day of doing things. Mostly calling job places, sending out resumes, winnowing my opportunities.

First place I call hires me after an interview. :)

So I will soon (Wednesday after my last final.) be working for Eerie Construction Company as a Leads Coordinator. Basically, I go door to door and try and generate leads for the sales rep of the construction company to come out and demo.

Not exactly (okay, not even close) what I want to do..but it's 32 hours a week at 8 dollars an hour, plus 3% commission, it works very neatly around my summer school schedule...laid back place...

As long as I can actually memorize their pitch and sell (construction jobs usually cost between 5 and 10k and I get 3% of that. ;) stuff, I'll be okay. So we'll see. I'm a bit nervous.

Down to 2 more finals as of this entry, one final in .5 hours. So far, so good, I believe. No horrible upsets or disappointments.

These last two are the 'worrisome' ones anyways.

Stupid IT industry. *kicks*
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