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Today was fubar fnar and on top of me being just getting over a nasty 3 day upper respiratory infection that sidelined my wedding anniversary trip plans and ate into my vacation, I just about couldn't handle it. I lost my temper for the first time in a while and it was...unpleasant. Also, seriously 6 hours to procure a Christmas tree? F that.

Future self: You deliberately didn't write down what made you mad today bc you don't want to remember in the future. It was spouse related. It was nothing. It was both of your faults.

It's days like today that make me miss WoW for the nights that follow. I miss the socialization of the game while I can mindlessly grind away at some task for some purpose. Especially since sleep seems unlikely. I could play D3, I suppose, but I've never figured out how to do the multiplayer part of that game. Reasons I play D3, I can play it in 30m increments. A trick I never did figure out w WoW. :)

In unrelated news. Seriously.

I put together my wife's new computer and finally got it up and running. I decommissioned the system I bought in 2008. Pretty decent really, a few days over 6 years. It was the last system I had that had an IDE controller, so after I used it to look through the old IDE drives I still had (they had nothing on them of note so I got rid of them), I began to tear it down into a small pile of 'keep' and a bigger pile of 'recycle' and a small pile of 'sell/trash?'. It was also the last system I had that I and Joe directly collaborated on. I found myself getting nostalgic remembering our friendship. Some highlights: WoW - tbf, he didn't get me started, that I did bc of Bri/nykkit/Matt, but he got me into raiding which is what sunk it's dirty little teeth into me and didn't let go for 9 years. ;), computer building - he taught me what to look out for and reliable sources to find information for the heavy lifting I can't do myself, a love of random late night runs to ihop, and he even helped me pick out my first car. Our friendship didn't survive, but it was truly one of the few adult male friendships I've had - all my other 'guy' friends were pre 18 - and oddly enough I felt bad throwing away the machine bits that remained. I'm a nostalgic kinda of guy? I know very recently he lost his job and I hope he manages to land feet down and running.

Future self: So Watts sent you that message on facebook. How'd that turn out? You better not have been a pansy and not told Lisa.

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