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Hi. More S2 nonsense that i feel the need to share.

So I use lj as my journal/syndicate reader. I'm very fond of my style, but it's not perfect, and hell, it's not even up to date anymore. But it does what I need. Warning, small geek quotient ahead: A 'quirk' of my snazzy links was that because a table was a block level element, if the link was contained within an inline element, such as a paragraph tab, it would created a newline when rendering. Very obnoxious, but fixing it was...beyond my css skills and honestly w/o javascript, I'm not sure it was fixable. So I lived - generally it only affected my syndicated links. Used to be back in the day I would pay attention to things like CSS support in browsers because I still believed I would get to use them professionally someday. (nope. not bitter. Hint, I'm whinging.) That day has long since passed. If it hadn't, I would have been alerted to the advent of the box-radius property sooner. I came across it randomly and a lightbulb went off. Long story short, I was able to replace a metric ton of code, the bulk of which is a complicated table like the above reference link mentions with some css.

border:1px solid $headerPlus3;
box-shadow:0px 0px 0px 1px $headerMinus5;

I love technology. And no obnoxious line breaks!

Reality update: Work proceeds. Looking for better, need to be able to support family++ (groceries, car maintenance, vet bills, wishing for monies for schooling, hell I'd like to retire, maybe even own my own home someday?). Really want to get my wife through her degree first since it'll realize higher returns immediately. My wife is having health issues related to blood pressure and fainting. Our respective mothers are still insane, tho I think hers is worse. Maybe filial duty, i have no idea. Her brother is getting kicked out of where he's at and has no place to live. We still haven't done 2012 taxes. Thankful that of all the above crazy, at least the insurance and health spending portion as relates to monies is taken care of via work at this time.

Spending my mental energy to figure out a tiny display problem may seem trivial in the face of all that, but it still makes me happy. God help me. I'm going to eat me a pb&j. Take it away G&R.

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