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Is this thing still on?

So, I wanted to post a few things after reading back through some old entries. A) My first page spans more than a year and b) My life is much different now.

I still live at home with my grandmother and my mother. My wife (hey I got married - if you didn't know, and want pics, you clearly aren't on my facebook. If I like you, this can be remedied) and I live in the bottom floor/basement. It could be better, but without us here, my mom and grandmother wouldn't be able to stay here. I'm a much different person in a lot of ways. I'm much less conflicted. I think this could be a lot of self work I've been doing...or maybe that I've had a stable job now for over a year with a company I enjoy, and hope I can get promoted at. =) It's done wonders to be able to support my family. :P Still though as a part of being stable and my particular job, I've become a better communicator, and along with my wife, both of us are working to be better people than what we were.

I will always have some work to do. I think right now, the big one for me is getting out and having a community. It is rare that I do things with other people that are not quasi work events. I work out with my wife 1 to 2x a week, that's it. Tonight I got to hang out with Darryl and a bunch of people that are gamers/extended family and I realize how much fun it is to just hang out with a bunch of like minded intelligent OPEN people. (seriously, when was the last time you had an open and honest conversation about BDSM nudist communities - why do we still call them colonies, anyways? - in a Chinese restaurant...) If only Lisa didn't get a migraine because she's still struggling with managing her newly discovered diabetes and I wasn't still in the middle of this nasty f* headcold. She gets out more than me, and I admit, she's more social but still. She has her spirituality classes, and she 'goes out with the girls' to do pampered chef parties, sewing stuff, candle stuff, etc...I need to find some hobbies that are outside my computer and that actually involve a good group of people. I've been pondering trying to find a maker faire, it seems pretty up my ally. =)

Ah well, I'm sure in 2 years I'll post again and I can see what's changed since then. And between now and then, I'll learn to use paragraphs appropriately in my LJ (hahahahaha).

I could go back to dream posting - I did actually derive some benefit from that. This morning, for example, I was discussing a dream element of mine that involves stairs (stairs in my dreams are...ominous). Not sure if it was my dream or not. Probably not, I don't dream very much - my wife i s much more active in that regard.

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