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The very brief explanation that appears around 30s in, you may want to pause to read. A) that's a hell of a course, b) that's a lot of driving skill and c) that's a heck of a car. Many pairs of tires were killed to bring you this video.

And onward: I took some pictures last night, or attempted to, of a really big spiderweb that has been gracing our front porch for the better part of a month now. Apparently the spider thinks we bring in good food, I dunno. It's hard to get pictures of a web, it really is. I got one where the web is all shimmery, though. It's times like these I wish I knew more about photography. If people really want, I can upload.

Add it to my list of thing I can learn someday when I have money. More pressingly, I'd spend that money on getting various certificates that tell people I have a clue. Still looking for full time work. Just got done with a contract job. Worried about that'll happen if I don't find something soon, but I've been worried now for 2 years running and somehow yet still haven't hit the end of the wall. We won't even talk about the 'family' money situation. /sigh

I've gotten a few emails/queries about 'hey where are you' and to those I mostly haven't replied. I'm in a bad place right now and don't really know how to come out of it. I spend nearly all my time looking for a job, playing WoW when my eyes aren bleeding from the prior, and every now and again I go outside to remind myself why I am bothering. :)
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