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I was wandering around with Lisa (but I felt younger, like 21'ish), and there was a sermon going on in a gym auditorium (think your average small highschool gym). We came in, interrupted the sermon with a slam of the door. The preacher guy kept on going. I don't know what words he was saying. It ended shortly after, and we came up to talk to the preacher. There was another person who had listened to the sermon who said something like, 'No offense, but you ruined the mood for me.' or something like that, but with swear words. The preacher didn't seem to mind. We all left.

Now we're wandering some more through an alley type environment and there was some reason I threw a ball. It hit the frame of a second story window (there was no glass in the window) and the whole thing fell down brick and all. The same guy from the sermon poked his head out and was all, 'you again, god damn' blah blah. But then I said, 'I'll take care of it man, let me give you my info, we'll even get you some glass.' and then all of a sudden he was all smiles and invited us in.

Then I woke up.
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