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On the topic of new jobs and fingers.

So, I wanted to finally write down some thoughts about my time with the census, my thoughts about my new position with a biomed company...maybe get in some video game time...and what do I do this morning? Cut off the tip of my left index finger because I was in a hurry and didn't use the hand guard on a mandolin. /sigh. I knew better...and now I won't ever do it again. :P

Typing is fun. I think I will save myself the agony of much more fumbling about. Bandage is huge and clunky. At least everything should grow back. This will also be fun for work....BLERGH EAT KITTY.

I am officially disappointed in myself, especially because the lady stayed home to take me to redimed instead of going out with her friends out of town...I mean, I can deal with my own dumbatitude, but inflicting it on someone else? :P

At least the cucumbers were tasty!

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