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Updatey type stuffs.

Things really aren't going so well for me and my family.

If I don't get a job soon, well. In the next month, I'll probably have to sell a car (or let the bank repo it) and figure out where I can live that doesn't involve a box. Internet, cellphones, credit cards, TV, and other such things will probably disappear too. Cue absolute failure feeling.

My g'pa is in a nursing home now. G'ma could no long really take care of him and he made it too hard for my mom to help him. I should visit him more often, I've only done so once. My g'ma is looking at foreclosure on the house. My mother lives in her own little bubble. At the very least she does try and help out around the house and get things done for my g'rents both legally and by cleaning, etc. I just feel she could do more by you know, actually attempting to get a job. More failure!

But in good news land:

Keep your collective hopes up for me, I had a good interview on Friday. :) I'm really hoping I can land this job, it would be fun, hard work, and have lots of room for growth professionally. Not to mention that I need the money reallyreally bad.

My computer here tried to die on me, but I casted a spell of resurrection on it and it seems happy now.

I also am trying out Trillian Astra. Not a bad little program so far, though there are things like Pidgin and Digsby? that I should try out I'm told.

Going to go finish up writing thank you for interview letters, then get my mom the digicam pics of some stuff she's trying to sell at the house for when they have to move...then maybe waste time playing WoW. Or working on my server. Maybe doing both at once for sng.

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