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Etiquette and protocool.

Ah C3PO. Wherefore art tho.

So I'm up to 9 recruiters now. I need to draft me a letter that says, 'Thank you. The position fits me! But at this time, I am unable. Think of me in the future for all your IT needs.' And then start replying, because I don't want to give these people the impression that I don't exist. :) I plan to ask Tina's help, she's a wizard like that. (That reminds me. My mom saw my new resume, says she needs one that spiffy. ;) It's a shame that this position can't be in Seattle. I'd run for it in a hot minute.

The phone interview - it seemed to go well. Of course as soon as it was over, I thought of things I should have said different, blah blah. It was with the general HR person. The not so general IT manager and flunkies are calling me tomorrow. HR person says that pending the results of that, I should hear something back for scheduling face to face stuff friday/monday (and they'll of course let me know if they decided to go with anyone else).

(10 recruiters). This one called. Oi vey.

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