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Collision in marketplace enviroments.

3, or maybe 4? recruiters contacted me all about the same job. I say 3 because I know those 3 for sure, the 4th could be coincidence but I doubt it.

It's a 2 month contract job with a company (I actually know someone who works for them but they didn't know anything about the job or why there's an immediate need - I get the impression someone quit) doing desktop support...it pays pretty good, honestly. It's in Fort Wayne.

I need to stay up here though for at least a few more days, I can't afford to fly back and forth for interviews and psych evals, so I may lose out on it. Chance at long term, full time job > contact job, I think. Need for monetary influx high on the other hand...

But oh, am I torn. I miss my lady very much and this is like a bandage to that. But tomorrow, I have my general phase 1 call/interview (wtf do you call it!) for full time job in fort wayne, so I'm going to see how that goes.

Also, what's the etiquette on which recruiter to accept if I do?! :)

P.S. Glasses, where the fuck did you go.
P.S.S. 5 recruiters now.

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