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End of the week. - Spirit — LiveJournal
End of the week.
Current Mood: frustrated frustrated
Saw Crank: High Voltage. It is...a crazy movie. They obviously had fun making it, at the very least. It would probably be better watched drunk/high. Maybe both.

I can say that being here has left me nothing to do but look for a job. So that's what I've been doing. I've gotten a couple of 'nibbles', but nothing else. I had, oh..say 10 or more so jobs to go through this weekend...and then IE crashed. GRRRRRR. I at least took the opportunity to install IE8 and update drivers, etc.

I guess that's not all I've done. I've cooked some. Offered my anal retentiveness - as a result, helped reorganize the kitchen some. This weekend I intend to clean up the porch some.

I have an internal bet on if my host will actually sleep in on Saturday...as far as I know, she doesn't have anywhere to be, but she gets up crazy early on a daily basis. She goes out of her way for her family, and it's heartwarming. I should be as disciplined.

Speaking of heartwarming, the puppy is cuuuuute. They got one for her grandchildren. Black, lab/german mix. I enjoyed spending a bit of time with them. Their well loved, fun seeking kids. I'm sure they're a handful in general, but high spirits are a good sign I think. The puppy will be well loved. :) Nice house, too. Weird back yard tho!

Well, I guess I had to restart my job search on Monday and revisit all those job sites...so I'll I dunno, take it as a sign. Not sure of what yet, but hey.
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