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Will not.

I knew not why I was here. I just was, a wanderer lost in the realms of the wicked. For a minute my feet felt right in the stopping and I could feel again. I could feel the whispers of my blood calling to the wind that was raising hairs on my skin. I could feel the pound of the distant surf against beach and cliff alike as a drowning scent. It was the scent of the sea arising around me, sheathed in subtle blooms of fauna I cannot name. The ground beneath my feet was soft and lush, hidden in shadows cast by trees that spoke of the beginning of time to me in words that only souls can understand. I felt my own despair rising to answer. Despair of understanding, despair of knowing, it mattered naught. It was the ultimate feeling of betrayal, of feeling lonely and bereft of reason. It filled me instantly, at once giving me purpose and robbing me of my humanity in one fell swoop. Tears beckoned to flow like the diamonds in night’s velvet midnight blue sky. Lush and round, full of intent and thought, things that speak of the folly of measuring ones own wishes against the wishes of time. When a tear slipped from me, it impregnated the ground with its meaning. It gave night intent and purpose. It made her alive. She beckoned to me then, offering her bounty for more tears. All I need but do is slump into her arms and forget. Never remember anything but sorrow and her great vastness of opportunity for more. I ran then, feeling and rightness forgotten. I tried to outrun the night.

I have such stories to tell, of sorrow and of joy. All in good time. Perhaps I can find my own night's path.

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