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Sorry Mr. Pitt.

So this week at work has been, conservatively, nuts. What with a release of software into the wild production world and the subsequent breaking of all things...Kinda stressful sitting here at the 'helpdesk'. Ha. Ha. Don't get me started...

I haven't really gotten a lot of sleep this week - and only about 3 hours total yesterday. So yesterday, when I curled up at 10 p.m. and slept till 4 a.m. it was about as glorious as it should be. I would have been in bed at 8 p.m. but alas, my stomach and I have been having acid issues. :P Solution: take tums, read book, watch good eats on the dvr.

Dream: Sometime last night I began to dream I was ... I'm not sure where I was. Where I ended up though was with someone whom I identified in my dream as Beaker's sister (I have no idea man, don't ask my head) but looked like nykkit's youngest (step) sister (again, not with the idea). We were cavorting in a mall type area, shopping for a bed. It was quiet and warm and coupley. So we decided to test a bed in a room and curled up on it. Seriously, I was dreaming of sleeping. And then the Brad Pitt rambo ninja's busted up in on me and I had to defeat them so they didn't wake the lady. Battle ensued. EPIC. I was slaughtering them as they came through the door, jet-li style. And then my alarm went off and I got up.

Conclusion: Subconscious sayeth: conquer work, sleep longer. =)

P.S. Upon being told that they replaced my harmonic balancer in my car (I took it in for service, general oil change...also it had just begun making this atrocious noise when I started it up) do not reply: "My car has harmony?" to the befuddled look of the service tech and the giggle of the cute office girl.
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