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My month of July.

It is going to be a lost month, and for that, I am bitter. I want to enjoy my summer, especially this time around.../sigh But here's my work saga.

One person was fired, and then later that day, one person took medical leave. I bet if they'd known the second, they wouldn't have done the first, but alas. Now we have three people, one person with a weeks worth of training...and 4 shifts to fill. Great times. Let's hope we don't scare the newb away during this. Then I -really- will cry.

I swear to god if this shit bleeds into July I will hurt things, but the medical leave type person is supposed to come back...

It's funny though, if I look at it on 'average', for the month, I get 8 days off, which means I work 5 days a week (on average) right? Except every one of those days is a 12 hour shift! ... My overtime will be good! And I'll not be doing much...

But basically this post is a general notice to most of the people in my world who want to communicate with me. That's where I'll be. Oh, and mowing yards. Yay mowing yards. :(
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