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Weirdness from the front. - Spirit — LiveJournal
Weirdness from the front.
Current Mood: pessimistic pessimistic
Current Location: Work.
Item a) My work schedule changed from 6a to 6p to 5a to 5p. Hai2u 4 a.m. I -hate- this. Today's not so bad but only because I had a very...laidback Sunday.

Item b) HR (which is handled by our parent company) calls me: Is it buisness casual over there all the time? me: Well. As far as I'm aware. Friday tends to be a bit more 'dress down', but still buisness casual? her: "ok. blahblahclick." Me to myself: "Did I just define our dress code?" I mean really. Isn't that their job? ;)
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dragoni82 From: dragoni82 Date: May 12th, 2008 08:28 pm (UTC) (Link)
It's not "delegation," it's "research!" They just wanted to make sure you... aa... didn't feel out of the loop.
That is obviously it.
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