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Mega Snake! - Spirit — LiveJournal
Mega Snake!
This deserves at least a foot note in my life. I bought the entire 10 seasons of Stargate (SG1) on Amazon for dirt cheap. Just recently I received an email advising me that customers who bought SG1 also bought Mega Snake. Or even better is the description from the amazon email...
Because his father was killed by a poisonous snake bite, Les Daniels has a deadly fear of snakes. Chaos ensues when Les’ brother accidentally unleashes a rare, extremely deadly mythical snake. The snake escapes into Les’ small town and begins to grow at a terrifying rate. Now Les must overcome his paralyzing fear to help protect his small town against the growing, deadly MEGASNAKE, which is devouring anything in its path.
What the hell is this world coming to.
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brianamj From: brianamj Date: March 3rd, 2008 05:48 pm (UTC) (Link)
Wait, wait, wait. Michael Shanks' character's name was Les Daniels?? That and the snakes make it quite hilarious. But not enough to watch it. Stupid SciFi "originals".
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