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Allegories for life, or, bedtimes of a clumsy boy.

So I'm walking to the bathroom, preparing to go to bed. Lights are out. I'm contemplating my day, and trying to figure out why something that should not matter to me does and what it mattering does say about me. My entertainment center has a center panel made of glass that covers it. Sometimes this panel does not get closed and stays open, right along the path of incoming travel.

Many a time has this clear crystalline panel been bumped, etc, and remained whole. Many a time. So when I bumped it tonight and there was a tremendous cracking sound and suddenly a quarter of my room was covered in glass remnants...I was just a tad bit surprised. What a way to end a night. :) I broke out the broom, got as much of the extra shardlings back to the mass, used my hands and a brush to get some of the stuff that had fallen into the center panel...and decided the rest could wait, cause god damn is glass dust abrasive. I don't own any good rubber gloves and since I don't have a vacuum cleaner...(guess what I'm going to be borrowing). It was actually pretty impressive - the big shards were shot through with shatter marks, and would crumble in my hands into their small bits if I put pressure on them. And it was making this crackling noise that I can only describe as snow-like as it sat there, slowing shifting or whatnot.

Anyways, my allegory is this. As simple and clean and transparent as a pane of glass can be, a single moment of inattentiveness can destroy it all, leaving it a ruin. :P

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