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In chronological order. Not.

Other stuff. The car wreck, I think, happened first. I did 1300 dollars worth of damage to my car. *boggles* I don't get it. But that's what they said I did.

Did I mention I feel dumb?

I bought an 80 gig HD. I was just going to look at prices, but I saw a deal I couldn't pass up. 80gig, 7200rpm, Seagate for 150 with rebates that made it 80 dollars -and- I get a 40x cd-rw (don't know the stats on the write) for free with it. What a deal. What was a bitch was getting it installed. Had fun with jumpers, bad windows instability...annoyances at the cloning of my other HD...and most of all, gateway cases suck ass. =)

Got annoyed, paid off the rest of my phone bill. It'll make my shopping trip (someday, clothes would be nice.) be put off, but the bastards started to charge me 'late' charges even tho they said they wouldn't, and the lady whom I talked to on the phone about it was remarkably unhelpful. So I just paid it off. I'm going to send the rest of liz's stuff to her, as much as I can at some point this week.

Still waiting to have Sauder call me and tell me my entertainment center is there.

Oh, I mentioned Laura's relative beauty in my last entry. What I didn't mention while we used to be close friends (after dating. I really need to figure out who makes better friends before I date them)...she's been pretty distant lately. And I let her, cause that's apparently what she wanted. Yes it hurt. But...at the interment, she hugs me and starts to cry and apologize...I wonder if it was just the emotions of the moment, but regardless...it was nice. Cause she knows she's been a bitch lately...at least I hope. I hesitate to tell her that she's treating her ex a lot the same way Liz treated me right after....She might take offense.

And the parallel of bitchiness, well. That was the point. Thankfully, I think for most of the parties, it's all passed. Hopefully. We (me and Laura) need to talk at some point.

Matt is lucky. His woman is beautiful -and- interesting. She'll blossom well under him, and us. =) Besides, she likes my fuzzy shirts. She obviously has taste. -struts-.

I'm still waiting with baited breath to see Cindy when she gets here. That should so fucking rock. I haven't seen her n years, and she means so much.

Speaking of. Kate. Amazing blue eyes that are positively unfair. Her perception of the world, not only intellectually, but socially, knowing how to phrase things, and be phrased...sometimes I feel like such a dolt around her. But all that aside, we had some good fun. I wish she was nearby so it could be more often. Trivial pursuit, lunch, galaga, pacman, hot chocolate...

I was also teased with meeting the most beautiful woman in existence, but no. :) Kate even offered me pictures of Jen (not the most beautiful woman in existence, but prolly definitely a Cool One by Kate's standards)! I declined tho, because sadly, all I can say is, 'See the beautiful girly there? I've hugged her. She's neat. She thinks I'm creepy.' :)

Now. I think that catches up on things. Not nearly as cerebral as I had intended, but if I want that, I need to actually write these things when I have the thoughts in my head.

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