Spirit (daimones) wrote,

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And for things I don't do...

*calls off work*

I feel like shit. :( I'll save you the list of what I feel, sufficed to say last night I was wrapped up in 3 blankets and still not warm. Getting to bed was fun. I woke up?

I'm warmer at least.

I still feel worse. I shake and blah. I said I'd not tell.

Anyways. Let's hope they can get me replaced at work. Do not want to go in. DO NOT WANT.

At least I'm not intestinally ill, or whatnot.

*sighs* Imma gonna go pass back out. And what's funny is that I woke up right before my alarm went off...

At least I know my body is getting used to this schedule - even if it doesn't like it. (maybe it's protesting)
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